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Light Collection

Welcome to Linda Brindisi's extraordinary "Luce" collection, where contemporary street art and the intrinsic beauty of nature come together to create unrepeatable works. This series was born from the union and experimentation with increasingly sought-after and precious materials such as lapis lazuli and gold.

Unique works created with passion and inspired by the mystery of nature, capturing the very essence of light.

Each painting tells a story, an immersion in artist Linda Brindisi's experimentation with form, matter and color.

Each piece in this collection represents an ode to natural art, made from authentic, rich, textured materials. The compelling use of gold, silver, and lapis lazuli as dominant colors gives the works a fascinating luminosity, evoking the glow of light and lending strength and character to the works.
The works available for purchase are executed on canvas, in mixed media, and acrylic.

  • Round canvas 50 cm in blue, gold and lapis lazuli (images above)
  • Round canvas 50 cm in white, black and gold (below right)
  • Canvas 40 x 20 cm white, black, gold and lapis lazuli with fabric inserts (below right, small box)
  • Canvas 40 x 40 cm in white, black and gold (last image, work at right)

Works on commission

Linda is also pleased to offer the opportunity to commission custom artwork, created specifically to turn your artistic vision into reality.

The model on a surfboard format is part of a new line by the artist, a one-of-a-kind piece executed on Faesite.
The skateboard is a commissioned handmade work on a board from the 1980s.

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