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Discover a collection of unique and distinctive works by artist Linda Brindisi in this gallery of works 'from the past'. A miscellany of images celebrating street art expression and past events, with a special emphasis on the iconic creation, "La Rota."

Through the use of textural and natural materials, Linda Brindisi explores contemporary art with refined experimentation, bringing to light the very essence of creativity.

  • Remo Brindisi House Museum
  • San Antonio Church, Brescia
  • Liberated in Water, boat on black background
  • Triennale Milan
  • Liberate In Flight, decorated kites
  • Australia 2009
  • 1000 Hearts for Remo Brindisi
  • Liberated in Flight, Linda at work.
  • Venice Biennale 2007
  • Perugia 2007/2008

Photographers: Andrea Samaritani, Frédéric Blondel, Giovanni Opinato

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