“Possible is really a good word because I have done many jobs which seem impossible at first sight, and only daring and risking I have realised. I think that everything is possible if you work hard and if you are really determinated to reach your target. In a drop of color there is still hope for something good.” – Linda Brindisi


Since the ’90s Linda Brindisi is carrying her contemporary art project, named PitturaInMovimento, around Italy and other countries. The aim of PitturaInMovimento is to make as many people as possible paint; people and places are always different in fact the artist hardly comes back with the project in the same places, as her painting is ‘On Motion’. PitturaInMovimento has allowed people to paint in recent years in some cultural events (festivals, exhibitions, museum spaces), indoors or outdoors, in illuminated spaces at night, with live music, on all possible types of flooring. The sizes and shapes can change every time; 400 meters long strips of paper on the ground were painted in four days in Perugia; large murals, panels, large canvases in different formats, big Rotes and also a house-sized were painted in other locations. Linda does not like labels, and then the definition of PitturaInMovimento as the project of Contemporary Art does not suite her, so she prefers to call it “Live Painting” because it is alive, it has got a shape, a theme, colors and is material. Her works are never left to chance, everything is designed, developed and tested before being realised. Over the years Linda Brindisi has made a great research, working on different aspects as regards both the materials and their choice, of first quality and ecological, both on the functional form and dynamic, leading to a sought job but at the same time simple and essential. PitturaInMovimento is also very much in tune with the music, because although painting and music are two different arts, in this project they find their common expression both in the use of the circle shape that draws vinyls and CDs, and also in the way of painting, in which every single person, as an instrument of the orchestra, plays a pictorial concert from which a lot of energy comes out. The artist believes strongly in the importance of travelling and bringing this project outside of our country: in fact, for Linda, is important sharing painting with as many people as possible, also of different cultures and nationalities. Her big Rotes, in fact, are visions of colors that transmit energy and fun to the viewer and to the actor who paints.